History of the Korean Historical Connection (KHC) and Press


From 1988: Prof. Minjae Kim and his students at Hong-Ik University started to collect bibliographical data.

1989-1996: Annually published collected data in booklet and diskette formats.

1995. 9: Prof. Minjae Kim, Jeong-soo Yang (Computer Science major), Jong-yoon Lim (Mathematics Education major) started to develop search engine for the KHC service.

1996. 5: Search engine was ready to service.

1996. 6. 18: Began to test the search engine in the KHC homepage.

1996. 9: The committee of professors at the History Education department decided to run the KHC at the suggestion of Prof. Minjae Kim; Prof. Minjae Kim handed over all of his rights related to the KHC to the department.

1996. 10. 1: Officially opened the KHC site; it was the first in its kind in Korea; The first general manager was Prof. Minjae Kim, the first data manager Prof. Taesik Kim.

The KHC periodically updates Bibliographical Data.


General Manager, Prof. Minjae Kim; Data Manager, Prof. Taesik Kim.
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