Custom-tailored services for "professional" Art Historians who do not reside in Korea

1. Why does the KAHC provide this custom-tailored service?

We understand that it is not so easy for foreign scholars to obtain bibliographies and documents on, and from, Korea. We would like to give you a little help in your research on Korean Art History. Being in Korea, we are knowledgeable about the works of Korean Art historians; we have easy access to Korean libraries and archives; we have quite an efficient Internet system; and most of all, we are willing to provide services to the global community, of course, without any expectations for material rewards. So please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance for your research.

2. Who is eligible for this custom-tailored service?

You must reside outside the Republic of Korea and must be a "professional" Art historian. Included in our definition of a professional Art historian are professors, part-time lecturers, Ph. D. holders, doctoral candidates, MA students, and full-time researchers at various institutions, as well as recognized professional writers who specialize in any sub-field of history at or beyond the graduate level.

3. What kinds of services are available?

1) We can provide copies of documents, articles and other texts at your request. You will be charged copying expenses, transportation fees, if necessary (our volunteers will use the public transportation system to save your money), bank charge to exchange money order into Korean currency (about 6,000 Korean Won per money order, which is roughly $5.00) and postages. An additional 5% fee will be added to your bill to cover unexpected expenses (for example, differences due to fluctuating exchange rates). However, no other costs whatsoever will be tacked onto your bill. Copying services will be provided only when they do not violate the copy-right laws of the Republic of Korea. (This section was revised, Dec. 7, 1999.)

2) We may assist you in purchasing Korean books. No fee will be collected for this service, as we will just connect you to major bookstores in Korea who have the book(s) of your interest.

3) Professors in the Departments of History Education and of Art History at Hong-Ik University are willing to answer your questions. Upon receiving your questions, the manager of the KAHC will direct them to the appropriate faculty members in the departments. He may introduce you to other Korean Art historians outside the department, if you want us to do so.

4. How to request for service?

Send an E-mail to Prof. Taesik Kim at In your request, please include your E-mail address so that we can confirm receiving your request and send an estimate of your order by a return E-mail.

5. How to pay your expenses?

Send a 'Money Order' payable to Prof. Taesik Kim, Hong-Ik University. If you have a choice, please use a major bank which has branch offices world-wide. The bank may charge you a processing fee. (Korean banks charge somewhere between US $3.00 and $13.00 per money order, depending on the amount.)

Mailing Address:

Prof. Taesiks Kim, Dept. of History Education, Hong-Ik University, Sangsu-Dong, Mapo-Ku, Seoul, 121-791, Korea

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