The KAHC provides Custom-tailored Service for professional art historians who do not reside in Korea. Please, read this English Homepage for the service.

The Korean Art History Connection

at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea


The goal of the Korean Art History Connection (KAHC) is to help researchers all over the world who are interested in Korean Art History. The KAHC is maintained by the professors and students in the departments of History Education, and of Art History, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea. The KAHC is a non-profit organization, run by non-paid volunteers, and will remain that way. The KAHC aims to be a connecting point between Korean art historians and scholars of the world.

Custom-tailored Service for "professional" art historians who do not reside in Korea.
Database search instruction;   Acknowledgment, sources and copyrights.
On-line searchable bibliographies of Art History written in Korean:
* History of Sculpture, History of Painting, History of Craft.
On-line searchable bibliographies of History written in Korean:
* Korean Historical Connection
Korean History and Culture (links).
How to add or correct your materials.
How to read Korean, Chinese and Japanese letters on your computer.
About the Department of History Educations, Hong-Ik University.
Homepages of the Professors who co-manage the KAHC: Junghee Han, Lena Kim, Taesik Kim.

General Manager, Prof. Taesik Kim; Data Manager Prof. Lena Kim.
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